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Overseas Internship Programs Bring Growth for Azbil


Azbil views the hosting of interns from abroad as a source of sustainable growth for the company, and is actively promoting it. Internship programs not only provide opportunities to hire excellent students from abroad, they also lead to better English proficiency and deeper understanding of people from different cultures by employees of the host departments. Moreover, they broaden the company’s partnerships and collaboration with universities abroad. By means of overseas internship programs that bring many advantages to both parties, Azbil aims to use global exchange to further develop the organization.


Internships in which university students gain work and business experience at a company for a certain period are viewed all over the world as important for students’ education and job search. Azbil Corporation actively accepts interns from both Japan and abroad.

The first intern from abroad came in 1996, back when the company was called Yamatake Corporation. At that time a company engineer was engaged in joint research with a Canadian university, which asked to send an intern to Japan. Since then, Azbil has accepted interns every year, and it has expanded the number of partner countries and universities or institutes. By 2019, the company had accepted 130 students from 13 countries or regions, including Canada, the U.S., Thailand, and Germany.

Currently Azbil accepts students from domestic universities for periods from one day to a few weeks as a part of the students’ job hunts. For students from abroad, long-term stays from two months to one year are available, and the students do actual work in the workplace. The purpose is not only to increase the company’s opportunities to hire excellent students from abroad, but also to help achieve two of its three fundamental policy goals, global expansion and being an organization that never stops learning, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the azbil Group. Internships, since they lead to corporate growth, are promoted mainly by the Azbil organization responsible for human resource development, Azbil Academy.

So far most of the interns have come from Canada (over 70 so far) via the Canada-Japan Co-op Program, which acts as an intermediary between Canadian universities and Japanese companies. Azbil posts the application guidelines and chooses interns after interviews by telephone or video conference via the Internet. The training period for this program is between seven months and one year, and the students receive university credit.

从2016年开始,实习生也来自泰国,由纳卡奥理工大学在日本推荐。每年接受两名学生的实习,距离Kasetsart University,King Monkut的理工学院和朱隆康华士大学,持续两到四个月,众所周知,这是泰国三大技术大学。Chulalongkorn大学的一个实习生在今年加入了Azbil作为员工。






Interns receive salaries and are provided with accommodations in an Azbil dormitory. At the end of the training period, interns compile a report on the technical issues they have tackled and how they will utilize the experience in the future, and they present their report to the department. Some interns’ comments are as follows: “It was the best experience of my life. Thanks to employees who helped me when I was having a hard time, I was able to take on the challenge of this project”; “I learned a sense of responsibility and autonomy from everyone at Azbil”; and “On days off, I walked around the city or went hiking, and I looked forward to having lunch in the dining hall.” It is clear that many interns are serious about work and about their subject matter, that they have become familiar with Azbil’s corporate culture and Japanese culture, and that their training period is a meaningful one.

从海外接受实习生也对阿兹比勒具有很大的优势。用英语与他们沟通有助于提高整个主机部门的英语水平,并提高对国际化的认识。作为实习生的教师的年轻员工获得管理技能,并且可能能够利用日本在工作或研发中不受当前的想法。此外,员工还与实习生共进午餐,并在假期的旅游景点中引导他们,这会加深关系并鼓励工作场所的沟通。由于实习,公司的人力资源和销售部门具有与各国的大学和公司联系的优势。事实上,在与实习生联盟的大学推荐后,一家当地公司将订单与Azbil Thailand Co.,Ltd。订购,以节省节能系统。





来自塞尔维亚(座位)的Alexander Payovich目前活跃在研发部门作为实习生。实习生讨论其与Azbil员工的工作详情,他提供指导。

来自塞尔维亚(座位)的Alexander Payovich目前活跃在研发部门作为实习生。实习生讨论其与Azbil员工的工作详情,他提供指导。

Serving as a bridge between Tsuruga and Polish history

波兰华沙理工大学的学生Lucas Grabowski首次访问了日本作为亚比尔的实习生,始于2018年8月的三个月,但他实际上与日本有联系。

这个故事始于20世纪20年代,在俄罗斯革命的动荡中。大约760波兰裔波兰人在西伯利亚失去了父母,不会被日本红十字会救出祖国的祖国,从海上带到福井府托尔尤巴港,并在那里避难。孤儿是托尔尤巴人民给予饭菜,小吃和玩具,然后通过东京或大阪返回他们的家园。卢卡斯的曾祖父Jan Jankovski是其中一个孤儿,他告诉他的家人逃脱,所以卢卡斯一天想去日本。