― New Facilities to Strengthen Fujisawa Technology Center’s Research Capabilities ―

TOKYO, Apr. 28, 2021: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) announced it will build two laboratory buildings at Fujisawa Technology Center, the azbil Group’s central R&D base, for conducting experiments. In doing so, Azbil aims to enhance its technological development facilities for accelerating R&D of advanced system solutions and devices for the Group’s next stage of growth.

This expansion will boost Fujisawa Technology Center’s development capabilities in advanced system solutions that use cloud computing and AI, as well as in high-performance, high-precision devices. This is yet another step of the company advancing its high-value-added production when, in 2019, Azbil constructed a new production building at Shonan Factory, paving the way for the site to be positioned as the Group’s “mother factory.”

社会面临需要解决的问题,例如工作年龄人口下降,老化基础设施,气候变化以及大流行的威胁。为了响应这些,自动化通过创造安全工作和生产空间,能量转换和控制能源需求,所有这些都发挥着不断增长的作用,所有这些都导致了需要在没有看到的方式使用测量和控制的新自动化之前。在预期这种需求中,富士川科技中心的新实验室建筑将为实验提供新的开发和先进设施,实现更高效的研发活动乐动体育是博彩吗以及推动先进的技术发展。作为Azbil Group的全球研发基地,该中心旨在成为世界上最新的自动化技术的地方,并将成为与客户共同创造新价值的空间。

Boasting the latest experiment facilities, the first laboratory building will have a building area of 2,230 m2with a total floor area of 10,721 m2在其六层楼层,更换了以前的实验室建筑,这将因年龄而拆除。乐动体育是博彩吗员工使用的房间将是员工可以专注于工作和房间的平衡组合,从而旨在成为可以增加个人和团队创造力的设施。该建筑还乐动体育是博彩吗有助于促进活泼的工作场所和“工作风格改革”,提供咖啡馆式的工作空间,这些工作空间反映了最近的工作风格以及最佳研发和工作设施。

The second laboratory building will have a building area of 1,336 m2, a total floor area of 4,217 m2over its three floors, and a clean room for development and production. The building will also feature a measurement standards laboratory for furthering development of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, which are at the center of Azbil’s sensing technology. Azbil is committed to maintaining and improving the competitiveness of its MEMS sensors through its proprietary technology, process technology, and development and production expertise cultivated over many years. The company also aims to deliver a stable supply of high-performance sensors and develop new products, as well as expand its business to new areas revolving around its sensors.

Fujisawa Technology Center

Fujisawa Technology Center

Conceptual images of the first (left) and second laboratory buildings. Construction will begin in spring 2021 and is slated to be completed at the end of May 2022. Azbil plans to invest 4 billion yen and 3 billion yen in the facilities, respectively. (Images courtesy of Nikken Sekkei Ltd.)

Based on the azbil Group’s philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil aims for to contribute “in series” to the achievement of a sustainable society and sustainable growth, while contributing to solving problems faced by society through new technology and solutions that realize customers’ safety, comfort, and fulfillment.

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