> Azbil Corporation Privacy Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

Azbil Corporation Privacy Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

  1. 基本原则

    At Azbil Corporation we respect the privacy of personal data — that is, names, addresses, phone numbers and other information that can serve to identify an individual — and we fully appreciate the necessity for appropriate protection and management of such information. We therefore endeavor to protect personal data, in accordance with the following principles:

    1. We comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the related laws and regulations, and educate and train employees to handle personal information properly.
    2. We take due care when acquiring personal data.
    3. 我们采取安全控制措施来保护个人信息免受未经授权的访问,数据销毁,数据伪造,数据泄漏以及任何其他风险。乐动牛牛
    4. We continue to work to protect personal information and we take measures for improvement.
  2. 客户的个人信息乐动牛牛

    1. We use personal information provided by customers only for purposes notified when acquiring such information.
    2. We do not provide or disclose customers’ personal information to any third party except when
      1. The individual in question gives his/her consent; or
      2. 法律要求或制裁;或者
      3. The information is provided in such a way that it does not enable any individual to be identified.
    3. We undertake to preserve the accuracy of all personal information and to manage it in a safe manner. Moreover, if we share personal data with a third party or commission a third party to handle such personal data, we will ensure that the party in question will manage the information in a similarly safe manner.
    4. If customers should wish to see or amend their own personal data, they should make an application through the proper channels (or to our公共关系科), in which case we will respond with all reasonable promptness.
  3. Protection of Specific Personal Information

    1. 我们遵守数字使用的行为来识别行政程序中的特定个人,就保护个人信息以及处理个人信息和特定个人信息的相关内阁命令,部长级订单和指南(或乐动牛牛相当于)正确。
    2. We use specific personal information only for the purposes stated when acquiring such information and do not provide or disclose it to any third party even with the consent of the individual in question unless the law requires or sanctions it.
    3. 我们遵守预定义的规则和条例,用于获取,使用,存储,提供,删除和丢弃特定的个人信息和等效信息,并采取适当措施确保正确处理。乐动牛牛
    4. 我们理解特定个人的重要性information and take safety control measures according to the predefined rules and regulations.
    5. We have set up an inquiry counter to respond in a proper and prompt manner to inquiries or complaints about our handling of personally indentifiable information, etc., and we strive to resolve such problems.
  4. Inquiries


Established on April 1, 2005

Azbil Corporation
Hirozumi Sone , President and Group CEO


除非否则,Azbil Corporation否则仅针对以下目的使用客户个人信息:乐动牛牛

  1. 通过邮件,电子邮件,传真,电话或其他与Azbil Corporation,其产品和服务相关的手段信息发送。乐动牛牛这可能包括公司简介,目录和公共关系出版物。
  2. 要向客户发送有关Azbil Corp乐动牛牛oration组织或正在参与的事件的信息,包括演出和展览,研讨会,竞选活动,问卷和免费优惠。
  3. 进行与使用Azbil产品和服务的条件和环境相关的营销活动和市场研究。

请注意,客户提供的个人信息可能会分享乐动牛牛AZBIL集团的公司for the purposes listed above.

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